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NETS 212: Lab sessions

The TAs will occasionally hold lab sessions to provide additional help with topics related to the class, e.g., extra JavaScript lessons for students with little or no prior exposure to JavaScript. Attendance is completely optional; you should feel free to attend only specific sessions, or to skip the lab sessions entirely if you feel comfortable with all of the topics that are discussed there.

Lab sessions will not be held every week; please watch Piazza for announcements.

Tentative schedule

Sep 3 VM / Eclipse basics
[Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3] [Video 4] [Slides]
Sep 8 UNIX/Linux basics
[Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3] [Video 4] [Video 5] [Slides]
Sep 10 JavaScript basics
[Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3] [Slides]
Sep 15 Working with Git
[Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3] [Video 4] [Slides]
Sep 17 AWS Classroom
[Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3] [Video 4] [Slides]
Sep 24 Working with Spark
[Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3] [Video 4] [Slides] [Handout]
Oct 1 Spark programming
[Video] [Slides]
Oct 13 Iterative Spark
[Video 1] [Video 2]
Oct 22 Working with HTML/CSS
[Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3] [Video 4] [Slides]
Oct 27 Working with Node Stefan
Oct 29 React Peter
Nov 5 AJAX and web sockets Bharath
Nov 10 Project strategy and planning Tashweena
Nov 12 Design patterns; what is a "good design"? Sarah
Nov 24 Integration/testing Vraj